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How to install
free  26 May 2023
Average Daily Range. Defaults to the last 5 days DAILY average irrespective of chart time frame. Calculates average of last x days (high - low) values.  
by mfejza
free  19 May 2023
The Deviation Oscillator, as a sentiment volatility oscillator, represents the difference between the price and the price simple moving average, normalized within the selected range. The indicator positive difference value in the indicator shows bullish market sentiment, while a negative difference value indicates bearish market sentiment.
ATR on Chart
free  12 Mar 2023
Pine Script:  
by mfejza
free  06 Mar 2023
Turtle Trade trend following system is a complete opposite to the "buy low and sell high" approach. This trend following system was taught to a group of average and normal individuals, and almost everyone turned into a profitable trader. They used the basis logic of well known Donchain Channel which developed by Richard Donchain. In this version you have simplified version; for long trade zone (indicator value >0), for short trade zone (indicator value <0), and neutral (indicator value =0; no trend identified)
QMASMAdelta indicator
by mfejza
free  07 Feb 2023
QMASMAdelta is a volatility indicator based on the quadratic moving average and this indicator is compared it with standard deviation indicator, but is a bit more sensitive in price.
<Lusitanis> - Volume
paid  20 Dec 2022
Lusitanis Investments This indicator is an alternative to Tick Volume, where you can customize bear or bull candlestick colors. It contains a visual aid, allowing you to quickly identify a [important] doji candle in the volume, with the option of choosing its color. Ex: Red Volume: Bear Candle Green Volume: Bull Candle Blue Volume: Doji Candle, quick view to know when the trend lose strength / show indecision Also after adding the indicator, the creation of the next candles will originate in the graphic development of the volume, the recording of the sentiment of the representative volume of the candle in question. Ex: Contact: