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paid  26 May 2023
    Introducing the Candlestick Patterns Alerts for cTrader: A powerful and user-friendly indicator designed to assist traders in identifying key candlestick patterns in real-time. This indicator automates the process of recognizing 34 different candlestick patterns, ranging from doji patterns to engulfing patterns, hammer patterns, star patterns, soldiers and crows patterns, marubozu patterns, inside and outside patterns, harami patterns, tweezer patterns, spinning top, rising and falling methods patterns, window patterns, and neck patterns. >>>>>>> Get The Indicator Here <<<<<< With five adjustable levels of pattern detection tolerance, ranging from strict to lenient, traders can customize the indicator to suit their individual preferences and trading strategies. The trend detection feature allows users to consider or disregard the market trend when identifying patterns, providing valuable insights for trend-based trading approaches. To enhance visual clarity, this indicator offers three color options, allowing users to assign distinct colors for bullish, bearish, and neutral patterns. Additionally, the option to use abbreviated pattern names improves chart visibility, ensuring a seamless trading experience. For easy reference and analysis, the indicator provides an on-chart list of pattern abbreviations, conveniently displaying the currently detected patterns. Traders can effortlessly position this list anywhere on the chart for quick access. Never miss a potential trading opportunity with the comprehensive alert system included in this indicator. Users can enable alerts for pattern formations, with options for sound alerts, pop-up notifications, Telegram messages, and email notifications. Moreover, the "Stop all alerts" feature allows users to temporarily disable all alerts with a single click, offering flexibility and control.     Here is a list of the features of this indicator: Real-time candlestick pattern detection for 34 different patterns. Adjustable pattern detection tolerance with five levels of strictness. Automatic trend detection with the option to consider or disregard trends. Customizable colors for bullish, bearish, and neutral patterns. Option to use abbreviated pattern names for improved chart visibility. On-chart list of pattern abbreviations for quick reference and analysis. Alerts for pattern formations with sound, pop-up, Telegram, and email notifications. "Stop all alerts" feature to enable or disable all alert types with a single parameter.   And here is a list of all the patterns this indicator can detect: Four-Price Doji Standard Doji Long-Legged Doji Dragonfly Doji Gravestone Doji Hammer Shooting Star Inverted Hammer Hanging Man Piercing Pattern Dark Cloud Cover Bullish Engulfing Bearish Engulfing Morning Star Evening Star Three White Soldiers Three Black Crows White Marubozu Black Marubozu Three inside Up Three inside Down Three outside Up Three outside Down Bullish Harami Bearish Harami Tweezer Top Tweezer Bottom Spinning Top Rising Three Methods Falling Three Methods Rising Window Falling Window Bullish on Neck Bearish on Neck   If you don't know much about candlestick patters, you can start with these links:   In summary, the Candlestick Pattern Detector for cTrader is a reliable and customizable tool that simplifies pattern recognition in real-time. It empowers traders of all levels to make informed trading decisions by automatically detecting a wide range of candlestick patterns, providing customizable filtering options, trend consideration, visual clarity, and robust alert capabilities. Maximize your trading potential and gain a competitive edge with this indispensable indicator. >>>>>>> Get The Indicator Here <<<<<<     Here you can learn how to configure the telegram and the email alerts: Telegram Alerts Email Alerts   Check out my projects: Indicators: cTrader Fibonacci Alerts cTrader Moving Average Alerts cTrader Bar Close Alert Manager cTrader Unlimited Trendline Alerts cTrader Candlestick Patterns Alerts cBots: cTrader Profit Defender
paid  24 May 2023
Description: Introducing a powerful trading robot specifically designed for trading Gold (XAUUSD) – a mean reversion robot. The algorithm it employs compares the Gold to Silver ratio, constructing a time series and generating trading signals based on this new series. Please note that this is not an arbitrage robot; it is designed exclusively for trades on XAUUSD. Our strategy is underpinned by robust statistical theory, not optimization. The robot's variables have been minimally adjusted to avoid overfitting. It is highly compatible with a 15-minute timeframe, while other timeframes have not been live-tested. The robot is not intended for use with other pairs. The robot is user-friendly, requiring you to manage only two parameters: risk percentage and risk profile. It offers three risk profiles – Low, Intermediate, and High. While the High-risk profile often brings the greatest rewards, it is also associated with the highest drawdown. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious not to overleverage the robot. To validate our bot's efficiency, we provide backtest images based on tick charts. These tests fully incorporate spread and transaction costs.       Pricing: Trial: €9 for 1 Week - A great opportunity for you to test the robot. However, please note that the robot doesn't place trades every day. Monthly: €39 Quarterly: €99 Annually: €299 Full price of the cBot (without source code): €2000   After Purchasing, we will get The Robot and License within 24h.   To Purchase follow the links Here   Q & A Section: Q1: Will the robot work on pairs other than XAUUSD? A1: No, the robot is specifically designed to trade on XAUUSD only. Q2: Can I adjust more than the risk percentage and risk profile? A2: To maintain simplicity and prevent overfitting, we've restricted the parameters that can be adjusted to just these two. Q3: Has this robot been live-tested on other timeframes? A3: The robot is tested and optimized for a 15-minute timeframe. Live testing on other timeframes has not been conducted.     Refund Policy: Our refund policy is transparent and customer-centric. If the robot, operated on a Low-Risk Profile with a reasonable Risk Percentage (not exceeding 4%), fails to turn a profit for three consecutive months, we promise a full refund. This refund policy applies when using a reputable broker, such as IC Markets, ensuring that your trading conditions are optimal. If these conditions are met and the robot is not profitable, you are eligible for a full refund, no questions asked. We believe in our robot and want you to trade with confidence. Our refund policy is our commitment to the effectiveness and reliability of our trading robot.     Disclaimer: The trading bot is developed with precision and care, however, financial markets can be unpredictable. While our algorithm is statistically sound and backtested, past performance is not indicative of future results. Risk management is crucial; do not risk money that you cannot afford to lose. Always conduct your own due diligence before using a new trading robot. Remember, with the high-risk profile, although the rewards can be substantial, the risks of drawdown are also significant. Be careful and don't overleverage the bot.    
Divergence Hero
paid  14 May 2023
Best Divergence Detector!  Divergence Hero is a straightforward and effective indicator designed to help traders harness the power of divergences. With its ability to detect both Regular and Hidden divergences, it offers valuable trading signals to enhance your trading strategy.       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Purchase Here<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Key Features: Detection of Regular and Hidden Divergences Regular Divergence: Indicates potential market reversals. Hidden Divergence: Suggests trend continuation. Support for Four Oscillators: MACD Crossover RSI (Relative Strength Index) Stochastic Ultimate Oscillator Customizable Lookback and Lookforward Periods: Define the number of bars analyzed before and after the current bar, giving you control over the indicator's sensitivity. Advanced Fractal Logic: Detects local highs and lows accurately, ensuring precise divergence detection. Clear Trading Signals: Up and down arrows displayed on the chart provide easy-to-understand trading signals based on detected divergences. Compatibility: Works with all timeframes and instruments, including forex, stocks, and commodities. User-friendly and Customizable: Adjust settings to suit your trading style and preferences. Telegram and Sound Notifications: Get real-time alerts for detected divergences, ensuring you never miss a trading opportunity. Upgrade your trading strategy with Divergence Hero. This easy-to-use and powerful tool simplifies divergence trading and helps you make more informed decisions in the market. Get Divergence Hero today and elevate your trading game! Now for a short time, buy a lifelong license for ONLY 9.99€! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Purchase Here<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
paid  13 May 2023
The Last CandleStick Pattern Indicator you will ever need.   Introducing the "CandleStick Patterns Hero" Indicator - an advanced and comprehensive solution to identify and alert you to crucial candlestick patterns on your charts! Features: Detects a wide range of candlestick patterns including Bullish Engulfing, Bearish Engulfing, Doji, Hammer, Shooting Star, Evening Star, Morning Star, Tweezers Top, Tweezers Bottom, Gravestone Doji, Three Black Crows, Three White Soldiers, Dark Cloud Cover, Piercing Pattern, and many more. Provides highly customizable parameters to enable or disable individual patterns according to your trading strategy. Sends sound alerts, email alerts, and Telegram notifications when a pattern is detected on a newly closed candle, ensuring you never miss a trading opportunity. Compatible with various timeframes and currency pairs, making it suitable for all types of traders. You will receive a full description of the patterns with the Indicator >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Purchase from Here<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Purchase from Here<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<   Pricing: Full Version (without source code): €20 Includes all candlestick patterns and notification features.   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Purchase from Here<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
paid  07 May 2023
It's optimized on the entire cTrader  history data for EURUSD.  I changed some indicators and improved the logic of my bot. The bot can be further optimized on any currency pair you want. Even crypto, stocks, metals...  This bot here is optimized for EURUSD 1 -minute time frame on the 12 Years of eurusd history data on the IC Markets broker. The entire cTrader history. I used a 0.5 pip spread on eur/usd for optimization so the bot actually makes more profit when back-tested accurately on tick data or trading live. The spread on IC Markets is about 0.01 pip. You can choose your own settings. Tell me the number (1,2,3,4,5) from the screenshots when you write me an email. You can have your own curve and settings when renting my bot. Please see the screenshots of the optimization results for net profit, max equity drawdown, total trades,.. My email: ---------- The price for my bot: *To rent my bot  optimized on the entire IC Markets data: - 28 EUR / 1 Month - You can pay for each month separately.  - 150 EUR / 6 Months (max 6 months at once) Then you can again rent my bot for next 6 months. (I like to optimize my bots on the latest data often) *To buy my bot without the Source Code: 10,000 EUR. You will get all the indicators in the parameter window, so you can optimize the bot for the instrument you want to use it on (I must hide them when renting my bot to other people. You will get all of them. Let's say my bot uses a simple moving average and the MACD - you will see these indicators in the parameter window, and you can optimize the bot for the instrument you want the bot to work on). I can remove the password. Or you can keep the password parameter, and you can tell me the password you want to use. I will remove the parameters 'bot owner', ' expiration date and rent',.. You can have both versions. Fixed lot with the double position functions yes/no. And the version that calculates the position size based on risk %. -To buy my bot with the Source Code: 30,000 EUR .. You also get everything. Now you can see the source code. Not only that, but you can see what logic my bot uses for opening the trades, and further add things you want in the code and try to improve it. Likewise, you can have both versions. Fixed lot and risk % ---------- YouTube videos and screenshots of "accurate tick data back-testing and M1 bars from server back-testing - the curve is almost the same. Total trades are the same":   EURUSD M1 bars. Position size =: Total Balance Risk 70%. 2011 - 2023 (12 years) Starting capital: €500. Profit: €3566381.94     EURUSD. Fixed Lot 0.05.  M1 bars back-testing 8. 2. 2011 - 6. 5. 2023 (12 Years and 3 Months)   EURUSD Fixed Lot 0.05. Accurate tick data back-testing 1. 1. 2017 - 6. 5. 2023   SCREENSHOTS: 1 2   3     4   5   Here is the evidence that the curve is almost the same and total trades for tick data (accurate) back-testing and the M1 bars back-testing is the same: 1.5.2018 - 6.5.2023 TICK DATA       1.5.2018 - 6.5.2023 M1 Bars from server. 0.02 pip spread       Back-testing with 70% Total Balance Risk. Starting capital 500 EUR. Profit: 3566381.94 EUR     EURUSD for the TopFX broker coming soon!                
paid  05 May 2023
using cAlgo.API; using cAlgo.API.Indicators; using cAlgo.API.Internals; using cAlgo.Indicators; [Robot(TimeZone = TimeZones.UTC, AccessRights = AccessRights.None)] public class SimpleMovingAverageRobot : Robot {     [Parameter("Periods", DefaultValue = 20)]     public int Periods { get; set; }     private MovingAverage _sma;     protected override void OnStart()     {         _sma = Indicators.SimpleMovingAverage(MarketSeries.Close, Periods);     }     protected override void OnBar()     {         if (Positions.Count == 0)         {             if (_sma.Result.Last(1) < _sma.Result.Last(2))             {                 ExecuteMarketOrder(TradeType.Sell, Symbol, 1000, "SMA Sell");             }             else if (_sma.Result.Last(1) > _sma.Result.Last(2))             {                 ExecuteMarketOrder(TradeType.Buy, Symbol, 1000, "SMA Buy");             }         }         else         {             foreach (var position in Positions)             {                 if (position.TradeType == TradeType.Sell && _sma.Result.Last(1) > _sma.Result.Last(2))                 {                     ClosePosition(position);                 }                 else if (position.TradeType == TradeType.Buy && _sma.Result.Last(1) < _sma.Result.Last(2))                 {                     ClosePosition(position);                 }             }         }     } }  
paid  02 May 2023
Hello Traders, Introducing Singularity-IQR SmartPro, a groundbreaking adaptive algorithm that goes beyond traditional indicators and relies on advanced statistical analysis techniques. Developed in March 2022, this powerful cBot has been live-tested for 13 months, delivering outstanding real market results. The best part? You don't need to optimize it for different assets - the same parameters work across various markets. To preserve the edge of the Robot, we'll limit active subscriptions to a maximum of 50 (see details below).   Pros: Minimal parameters and variables, significantly reducing the possibility of overfitting Recommended parameters not based on optimization, minimizing the risk of curve fitting Utilizes a proprietary adaptive strategy with sophisticated statistical techniques for a competitive edge over other market participants 13 months of live testing (see Results below) Works on multiple assets with the same parameters, but excels on AUDUSD & GBPUSD (15min) Cons: The cBot employs a catastrophic stop loss for black swan events. Though rare, it has been hit a few times in backtesting. Overleveraging the robot may result in a significant drawdown, so manage your risk wisely. The strategy requires a broker with raw spreads. We recommend IC Markets, as our live tests were conducted on their server with great success. FAQ: Q: If your cBot is so profitable, why don't you use it yourself? A: I have other algorithms that outperform this strategy. Q: Why are the number of active subscriptions limited? A: The more capital invested in the robot, the lower its edge. We may adjust the subscription limit in the future based on the strategy's results. Q: Can I buy the cBot or its source code? A: No, you can only rent the bot for one month at a time. Q: How much does the rent cost? A: The cost depends on the number of active subscriptions at the time of registration. Prices increase for every 10 active subscriptions, as follows: Tier 1: 1-10 users - Subscription price: $32 per user per month Tier 2: 11-20 users - Subscription price: $40 per user per month Tier 3: 21-30 users - Subscription price: $48 per user per month Tier 4: 31-40 users - Subscription price: $56 per user per month Tier 5: 41-50 users - Subscription price: $64 per user per month Act fast to secure the best price! Q: How can I rent the cBot? A: Email us at, and we'll send you the offer and payment method. Q: Is there a free trial? A: Unfortunately, we cannot offer free trials due to the risk of reverse engineering. Q: Did you include transaction costs and spreads in your backtest? A: Yes, and we encourage you to do the same, as this strategy is sensitive to spreads.         Disclaimer: Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and, therefore, you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.   Past performance of the Singularity-IQR SmartPro is not indicative of future results. The cBot's performance may vary due to market conditions, technical factors, and other unforeseen circumstances. We do not guarantee or imply that users of the Singularity-IQR SmartPro cBot will achieve similar results in the future. Use the cBot at your own risk.
paid  26 May 2023
  cTrader Profit Defender is a cBot designed for traders who want to manage their trades with trailing stops. This cBot offers two different trailing stop strategies: Levels and Big Bars. With the Levels strategy, users can set specific trigger and protection levels (in pips), and the trailing stop will move to the next protection level when the respective trigger level is hit. With the Big Bars Trailing, the bot will auto detect big bars and move the stop accordingly to your parameters. This cBot works with as many trades as you want and can alert you about its actions.   >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Click here to get this cBot <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Trailing Levels:     As you can see in the image above, this strategy offers 4 basic levels and 1 additional level that keeps adding to the triggers and protections levels. Let's say the last trigger value was 50 pips. If the "Add to Trigger" is set to 10, then the next trigger will be 60, and the next after that will be 70 and so on. The same is true for the Protection level. If the last Protection was 40, then the next protection will be 50 and so on. One thing to consider when using this strategy is to never set the protections to fractional values smaller than the symbol allows, because that won't work. One example is XAUUSD that only accepts integer values. Big Bars Trailing Stop:   With this strategy, the cBot will calculate the average size of the last bars and then compare that with the last closed bar. For example, if you've set the parameters as shown in the image above, and the most recent bar is 1.5 times larger than the average, the cBot will consider it as a "big bar." If you have an open buy position, and you've chosen to include the full range of each candle (including the wicks), the cBot will watch for big bull bars. If the trade is in profit and the cBot detects a big bull bar, it will move the stop loss to just below the low of that bar, plus the number of pips you've specified in the "Add Pips to Stop" parameter. The "Add Pips to Stop" option helps when you want to give a little bit of space for the stop loss. Alerts:   Here you can see the alert options, as you can see, you can receive sound, pop-up, telegram and email alerts. You can also choose which type of alerts you want. Here you can learn how to configure the telegram bot and email: Telegram Alerts Email Alerts   That is everything for now. Just remember that this cBot does not open any type of trade, it only manages the stop loss of trades you or other bots open.   >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Click here to get this cBot <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Check out my projects: Indicators: cTrader Fibonacci Alerts cTrader Moving Average Alerts cTrader Bar Close Alert Manager cTrader Unlimited Trendline Alerts cTrader Candlestick Patterns Alerts cBots: cTrader Profit Defender  
paid  24 Apr 2023
Enhance your trading strategy with the cTrader kNN-Based Market Prediction Indicator, which offers a robust framework for evaluating the potential predictive value of various market indicators. With this powerful tool, you can efficiently identify trends and make informed decisions in the ever-changing world of trading. -- Download HERE -- This indicator is a powerful tool that utilizes the classic k Nearest Neighbors (kNN) machine learning algorithm to forecast potential market moves. As an unsupervised and straightforward learning algorithm, kNN offers a simple yet effective way to predict future market trends based on historical data. By comparing the current indicator values with the k-nearest neighbors in the past data, the kNN algorithm can classify the current point and provide a prediction for the next market move, be it for tomorrow, next month, or even further into the future. The two-dimensional kNN algorithm examines past occurrences when the two indicators were at similar levels, evaluates the state of the k nearest neighbors, and uses this information to classify the current point. This approach allows for the quick and efficient testing of various indicators, such as RSI, COG, WPR, etc., as well as an average of all, to assess and utilize their predictive value. The output of this indicator will draw buy/sell markers signals, in different opacities marking indicator confidence.
paid  15 Apr 2023
Hi everyone, After months of trying out different trade copy trading tools I've decided to create my own trade copier for cTrader <> MetaTrader 5 and vice versa. Introducing Heron, a cTrader <> MT5 trade copier. You can use it for unlimited amount of masters and slave accounts, regardless of whether the master accounts are configured on cTrader or MT5 (or both). Below are the list of the features included: Copy all trades between cTrader and MT5 accounts SL/TP modifications are supported Lot multiplier for different slave accounts Symbol suffix adjustment for different brokers Reverse trades for hedging purpose Partial close is supported 1 license key for unlimited accounts There's a trial version included for unlimited time, but the SL and TP won't be copied to slave accounts and the positions in slave accounts must be closed manually. As the name suggests, the trial version is intended for demo purpose only. I'll be adding more features in the future, but for now it's publicly available. Thanks and happy trading!
paid  26 May 2023
  This is an Indicator that automatically detects all Fibonacci Expansions and Retracements present on a chart and alerts you when the price touches their levels. You also have the ability to add comments to the Fibonacci objects directly on the chart, which will appear in the alert. This helps you keep track of your trading ideas and stay organized. You have full control over how you receive your alerts. You can choose to receive sound notifications, pop-up messages, Telegram messages and emails. You can also choose to trigger alerts when the bar closes or immediately when it touches based on the bid or ask price, allowing you to receive the most accurate alerts possible. In summary, this is a very easy to use and very useful indicator. You won't need to look at the charts all day long anymore, just wait for the alerts and make your decisions based on your own strategies.   >>>>>>>>Click here to get the indicator<<<<<<<<<   List of Features: Real-time alerts when the price touches Fibonacci levels Telegram and email notification alerts Sound notification alerts Pop-up message alerts Stop all alerts option Four options of sound files Trigger alert when bar closes or immediately when the price touches a Fibonacci level Option to trigger alerts based on bid or ask price Option to delete the Fibonacci object after an alert occurs Automatic detection of any Fibonacci object on the chart (Retracement or Expansion) Ability to receive alerts for multiple Fibonacci objects on the chart (Unlimited amount) Ability to add comments to the Fibonacci object on the chart that appear on the alert Compatibility with any symbol and timeframe present on the cTrader platform.   >>>>>>>>Click here to get the indicator<<<<<<<<<   Here you can learn how to configure the telegram and the email alerts: Telegram Alerts Email Alerts   Check out my projects: Indicators: cTrader Fibonacci Alerts cTrader Moving Average Alerts cTrader Bar Close Alert Manager cTrader Unlimited Trendline Alerts cTrader Candlestick Patterns Alerts cBots: cTrader Profit Defender  
paid  21 Apr 2023
This is my new cBot for GOLD (XAU/USD) only. It is optimized on the last 3 Years of data for xau/usd (gold). My bots are always optimized on the live account. Rent: 28 eur/ Month   I changed the logic of the bot for opening and closing the positions. It is using new different indicators. It uses different logic for opening and closing the positions. The function for automatically increasing the position size, 'Stop Loss', 'Take Profit', 'Stop if Equity falls below' and all other important parameters are included in this cBot. The cBot is password protected. You get your own password when you rent it.   **I can't give you a test version this time to use it for free. I would like to, but programmers are messing with me, writing me emails, reverse engineering my other bots that I offered you to use them for free for 2 months. I can't let this happen anymore. I create bots and they copy my work then.   You can only rent this cBot.    *The price for my bot: -To rent my cBot  with the Parameters already set for best performance for the last 6 Years and the source code hidden: 28 EUR / Month. (Free bot updates are included) There is a discount for renting it - instead of 300 euros for a year, you will pay 250 euros for the entire year. My offer for this huge discount is only valid until May 30, 2023! This cBot is very safe and will make great profit in the long run. *Anyone who rents this bot gets my free support and free updates for this bot. When I find safer indicator/parameter settings and better performance, I send you a screenshot and new updated bot for free. I will run the Optimization program every month. This way the bot will always work great in the future*   You can't buy this cBot. Only renting is possible. I will run the optimization program every month and optimize it for best performance for the last 3 years. If I find better Parameter settings, I will send you a screenshot and a new better bot for free.   If you have any questions, send me an email: