Max open trades - Code not working

vvictord since: 10 Nov 2022;

  29 Nov 2022, 00:50
Max open trades - Code not working

At the moment I have a code working perfectly but the code only opens one trade at a time. Even if the pattern is recognized after a trade is open, it will not take the trade because of the open trade, and I would like the bot to open those trades as well...

I have a pseudo code but I do not know how to implement it in my code.

IF TradesOpen > x
Open New Trade
Do Nothing

I believe this part of  my code is making it open only one trade though
        protected override void OnPositionOpened(Position openedPosition)
            position = openedPosition;
            counter = 1;
            Trade.ModifyPosition(openedPosition, GetAbsoluteStopLoss(openedPosition, StopLoss), GetAbsoluteTakeProfit(openedPosition, TakeProfit));
        protected override void OnPositionClosed(Position position)
        private double GetAbsoluteStopLoss(Position position, int stopLossInPips)
            return position.TradeType == TradeType.Buy
                ? position.EntryPrice - Symbol.PipSize * stopLossInPips
                : position.EntryPrice + Symbol.PipSize * stopLossInPips;
        private double GetAbsoluteTakeProfit(Position position, int takeProfitInPips)
            return position.TradeType == TradeType.Buy
                ? position.EntryPrice + Symbol.PipSize * takeProfitInPips
                : position.EntryPrice - Symbol.PipSize * takeProfitInPips;

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PanagiotisChar since: 15 Sep 2022;

  29 Nov 2022, 09:02

Hi there,

The code you posted does not handle any position opening logic.

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