Usability bug with Edit in Visual Studio link

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scotpip since: 24 Jul 2018;

  28 Nov 2022, 22:28
Usability bug with Edit in Visual Studio link

Just installed the latest CTrader Windows client. I have the latest VisualStudio 2022 installed on a Win10 workstation.

When I clicked Edit With Visual Studio for a script using the drop down menu nothing happened - the script didn't launch in VS and there was no error message either.

Then I noticed the selector for the .Net framework had defaulted to Legacy. When I changed it to .Net 6 the link to VS worked.

This is not user friendly - please consider adding a helpful error message when the wrong framework is selected.

scotpip since: 24 Jul 2018;

  30 Nov 2022, 22:12

Update - seems this was an issue at my end.

When I click on Edit With Visual Studio on a .Net Framework 4.x file, it now opens VS and displays a message that the file is incompatible with the version of VS, which is what I'd have expected.

Haven't changed anything, so this is just one of these mysterious MS issues...