Unblocked, I can't receive emails with 冷血无心KVX

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  22 Mar 2023, 19:11
Unblocked, I can't receive emails with 冷血无心KVX

Unblocked, I can't receive emails
I told the truth but you guys helped the bad guy Multibankfx. But directly use the person who first solved the problem to solve the problem.
I have other brokers under the same id who cannot receive emails, nor can ccopy emails, saying that I am on the blacklist.
But I do receive advertising emails from spotware on 3.15. Please help me solve the problem of not being able to receive emails. unblock me 冷血无心KVX 

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  23 Mar 2023, 08:49

Dear trader,

If you cannot receive emails from cTrader, please contact us at community@ctrader.com.

Best regards,

cTrader Team

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