Simple TradeView indicator to cAlgo (Impulse MACD)

40 EUR  Payment method:  Direct Payment

I would like to translate Impulse MACD to cTrader indicator. 


The original code is at:


In the above indicator the MACD line is in a multicolour histogram. This is NOT necessary and we can do just a normal MACD style single colour line instead of a multicolour histogram. (Never mind the above chart coloured bars and support/resistance lines...)

I can do some cAlgo programming, but was not able to read the trading View code, so I just need the translation and all the details (default values, line colours etc.) I can handle myself.

We can do payment through Freelance (I will post to FL if needed) or direct payment in cash (EU area IBAN) or crypto . I will pay direct payment upon verifying that the cTrader indicator prints the same values as the original then you can send the source code after receiving the payment.


Hello Jani,

I can make this translation you, please contact me at:

telegram: @TeleWaxa