Correct NET4.x cbots or migrate them to .NET6

100 EUR  Payment method:  Direct Payment

Need to fix 3 previously working cBots made in .NET4.x (Legacy) or to migrate them to .NET6.0.

This legacy code stopped working when Spotware introduced .NET6.0 in 2022.

NOTE: These cBots write market statistics data to the filesystem or close marking/pending orders based on a configuration file. One of them also uses multithreading and queues for robustness. 

Errors encountered in Legacy mode: 

  • "Illegal call out of MainThread is detected. Use `BeginInvokeOnMainThread` method to prevent this warning."
  • CBot instance [HLDIFF, EURUSD, h1] crashed with error "Crashed in MarketData.GetBarsAsync callback with NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

Error encountered if attempting to build the code in NET6.0:

  • Error CS0619: 'AccessRights.FileSystem' is obsolete: 'The access right is not supported in .NET 6.0 and higher'.

Looking for someone familiar with what Spotware changed in 2022, so the NET4.x code can be fixed or migrated to .NET6.0.

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