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@Sync Objects:  06 Oct 2022, 14:01

Unfortunately the indicator stopped working on .Net6. It throws the following error: nable to invoke target method in current thread. Use `BeginInvokeOnMainThread` method to prevent this error. Any solution?    

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@heavy calculations on one instance will not force the other to stop:  26 Jan 2023, 14:14

I was not aware you do not work for cTrader, I find it a bit strange there's no official support. If a user encounters some sort of a problem, who can he reach out to? I appreciate your help.

I've noticed there was a new version released which has a good chance of solving the problem. i did not have the time to check it. In the meantime, I found a workaround - I run each symbol with a different cBot app instead of several instances on the same app.

@heavy calculations on one instance will not force the other to stop:  25 Jan 2023, 12:51

If one instance works perfectly and several cause to a crash, then obviously the problem is not with the code but with the behavior of the cTrader. Especially since on older versions this problem did not exist. If new problems occur due to change in the version then these problems should be fixed and not left as " It's the way cTrader works and you need to work around it."

At any case the minimum I expect is to get some sort of an answer in the forum and not let me hang in the air without knowing if the subject is under investigation or completely ignore. Especially since in the past there were more than one issues which turned out to be a bug on your side and not my code.

@heavy calculations on one instance will not force the other to stop:  18 Jan 2023, 12:04


My cBot OnStop method is quite heavy - requires a lot of calculations and writing to the hard drive. Because of that when I run several instances of the bot at the same time (each instance for a different symbol) when the first bot finishes its run (correctly) the other instances simply crash and stop in the middle before they get the chance to finish their run. I believe it's connected to a "has not stopped within 5 seconds on demand. all running instances were forced to stop" error (or something similar).

Is there a way to disconnect the connection between the instances so the heavy calculations on one instance will not force the other to stop (or any other solution to that problem)?

Thanks in advance..

@save the logs to a separate folder per broker:  27 Dec 2022, 11:26


Anything new?

@save the logs to a separate folder per broker:  21 Dec 2022, 13:50

I've noticed that when i use cTrader multi-broker version the app logs are saved to Documents\cTrader\Journals\Spotware.

Is there a way to save the logs to a separate folder per broker?


@indicator's text at the top-left corner is not hidden:  19 Dec 2022, 20:26


When I place a custom indicator on my chart and press the "Hide" button, the indicator's text at the top-left corner is not hidden but change its color to something a bit darker. This indicator's text hides the text which I created at the top-left corner using the Chart.DrawText method (image attached).

Is this the desired behavior or a bug?


@mouse wheel the chart is zooming in and out instead of scrolling:  30 Nov 2022, 09:31


Is there an official comment from cTrader regarding this issue. If you'll allow me to be blunt for a minute, the new scrolling behavior is extremely annoying and makes no sense.

@mouse wheel the chart is zooming in and out instead of scrolling:  24 Nov 2022, 18:07


I upgraded today to version4.5.1.10845 and now when I scroll the mouse wheel the chart is zooming in and out instead of scrolling left and right. I need to press and hold the Ctrl button in order to scroll it. Is There a way to make the wheel scroll the chart without pressing the Ctrl button?

Best regards

@Spotware instead of the actual broker:  17 Nov 2022, 11:17


were you able to reproduce it?

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