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@Retail Sentiment Indicator v4:  04 May 2021, 01:19

Where are you getting historical retail sentiment data from ? 

@Retail Sentiment v3:  30 May 2019, 02:07

Seems good mate but would like to know 2 things:

1) What are the sources for retail sentiment ? Is it broker provided this case Pepperstone as your snapshot OR multiple sources etc. Need to know sources so that it can be judged how good their those sentiments are .

2) Does it provide historical sentiment levels as well ? Or one needs to have the indicator ON for sometime to see all the data. Can it be used in systematic trading ie..can data points be retreived in cBots ?




@Forexfactory news feed:  05 Oct 2017, 07:57

Great effort mate and thanks for providing it free. Two suggestion i would give ( if you care )

1) It is not showing Times in local time zone . May i know what timezone is the time coming in the text ? Or is it possible to make it configurable like UTC + 0 or local probably.

2) Would be good if you can provide an output string method/access method to retreive this text in a bot . I was thinking of creating a breakout bot based on '4' impact factor data events and putting stop buy and stop sell order ( cancels the other ) based on those data events timings.

In any case, a great addition in cAlgo suit. Keep up the good work !


@Weighted Compound Oscillator:  04 Feb 2017, 03:59

not sure but you haven't provided "Osc_DeMarker" custom indicator mate . 

@Holy Grail 2015 ):  17 Jan 2017, 05:39

Nice one mate, really impressive but i know this won't work in real trading environment ( only simulations ). You are trying to trade bid/ask crossovers but in live environment , these events (even though they exist) are non-tradable for 'retail' . 



@afhacker Dashboard:  14 Aug 2016, 10:52

Hi afhacker,

Somehow it is not working on cTrader for me but i can use cAlgo for the time being. Great effort and really nice tool.

Can i ask for something which might be helpful to everyone in my opinion ..

1) Is it possible to store Strong/Weak currencies in a text file every 60 minutes ( or rather at AutoUpdate minutes settings ) so that one can create a database of strong/weak currencies for several days and then can analyze/backtest and create novel strategies .

In any case, it is a nice tool and again thanks for everything..!!



@afhacker Dashboard:  11 Aug 2016, 11:07

Thanks mate..i was loading in cTrader so it wasn't working as expected. Now tried on cAlgo and it worked like a charm. Thanks a ton for the tool !!

@afhacker Dashboard:  11 Aug 2016, 10:51

Hi mate,.i use a similar tool but in mt4. I tried dowloading your *.algo file and put in cBot and loaded it with a symbol but nothing happened. Do you want to provide some directions to install and run your Dashboard ?

@Renko:  02 Feb 2016, 23:47

@tmc : Thanks mate. I suppose i would have preferred the first way rather than second one.

@Renko:  02 Feb 2016, 07:43

@tmc : I am not an expert but i think once you have a sell brick followed by buy brick then that buy brick should also be displayed. Currently a sell brick is followed by buy brick only when you have a move of 2*RenkoPips ie..price of 100 -> 95 -> 100 -> 105 => we should have sell , buy and buy brick but currently indicator draws sell(100->95) and buy(100->105) brick only ( misses the 95->100 move )

@Renko:  02 Feb 2016, 03:56

@tmc : let me do some testing this week and i will get back to you if i still find the initial issue. I am thinking of trying RSI on this Renko, to come up with some strategy. Let's see how it goes.

@RenkoChart:  29 Jan 2016, 11:05

Thanks TMC for the indicator but it is not generating renko real time. It seems there is 1 brick delay. I have sent you an email , please respond when you get time.

@My new Algo:  18 Dec 2015, 13:56

The bot attached is dummy mate. Please check " /forum/calgo-support/7584" if you are interested in the bots mentioned there.

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@Twitter Signal Service Experimentation:  06 Jul 2021, 01:22

Another good trade 

Buy Signal generated at 05/07/2021 07:16:52 UTC for DE30 at Bid/Ask Price: 15566.6 / 15567.1 [ TP: 15582.67 , SL: 15450.6 , Exit: EoD ]

@Twitter Signal Service Experimentation:  01 Jul 2021, 13:11

A good start of July atleast ! Locked in TP quickly 

Sell Signal generated at 01/07/2021 07:15:59 UTC for UK100 at Bid/Ask Price: 7106.7 / 7108.2 [ TP: 7099.59 , SL: 7165.22 , Exit: EoD ] 

@Twitter Signal Service Experimentation:  01 Jul 2021, 13:09

After our first losing month in May, June 2021 came out better even though with limited activity due to low market volatility. We saw +0.32% in June with total returns in 2021 reaching at +10.37% ! ( +34.59% since Aug 2020 ).

Trend_MeanReversion (@TMeanreversion)

@Twitter Signal Service Experimentation:  24 Jun 2021, 08:56

Another one again ! ..locked in TP !

Sell Signal generated at 24/06/2021 01:24:10 UTC for HK50 at Bid/Ask Price: 28857.9 / 28865.2 [ TP: 28829.04 , SL: 29109.12 , Exit: EoD ]

@Twitter Signal Service Experimentation:  18 Jun 2021, 06:19

2 more trades yesterday and both locked in TP

Sell Signal generated at 17/06/2021 02:02:25 UTC for HK50 at Bid/Ask Price: 28412.1 / 28419.2 [ TP: 28383.69 , SL: 28663.22 , Exit: EoD ]
Sell Signal generated at 17/06/2021 13:37:41 UTC for US30 at Bid/Ask Price: 34051.9 / 34053.2 [ TP: 34017.85 , SL: 34260.53 , Exit: EoD ]


@Twitter Signal Service Experimentation:  10 Jun 2021, 07:09

Another trade yesterday and locked in TP

Buy Signal generated at 09/06/2021 11:31:12 UTC for DE30 at Bid/Ask Price: 15526 / 15526.5 [ TP: 15542.03 , SL: 15428.72 , Exit: EoD ]

@Twitter Signal Service Experimentation:  07 Jun 2021, 00:13

Forgot to update about Friday's it goes ( locked in TP ! )

Sell Signal generated at 04/06/2021 03:36:53 UTC for HK50 at Bid/Ask Price: 29001.9 / 29009.1 [ TP: 28972.9 , SL: 29265.64 , Exit: EoD ]

@Twitter Signal Service Experimentation:  07 Jun 2021, 00:11

A last few losing trades in May pushed us lower for the month and resulted in first -ive month in last 10 months !! Still +10.3% for 2021 and +34.27% since Aug 2020. Losses are part and parcel of trading so it is good to see some losses as well .

@Twitter Signal Service Experimentation:  03 Jun 2021, 01:14

Good start for June..locked TP

Sell Signal generated at 02/06/2021 07:19:30 UTC for UK100 at Bid/Ask Price: 7106.9 / 7108.1 [ TP: 7099.79 , SL: 7163.41 , Exit: EoD ]

@Twitter Signal Service Experimentation:  26 May 2021, 01:20

2 consecutive losing trades in 2 days as didn't hit TP   uff...but it is part and parcel of trading so let's hope it doesn't worsen from here. May month results aren't going to be good it seems. ( but hey we are still doing pretty good since inception of Aug 2020 !! )

Buy Signal generated at 25/05/2021 06:20:20 UTC for AUS200 at Bid/Ask Price: 7118.44 / 7119.24 [ TP: 7126.36 , SL: 7053.45 , Exit: EoD ]
Sell Signal generated at 24/05/2021 02:19:05 UTC for HK50 at Bid/Ask Price: 28174.5 / 28181.9 [ TP: 28146.33 , SL: 28467.03 , Exit: EoD ]

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Volatility quality ZIRO LINE indicator  ( converted from mq4 file using ) I find it helpful to find reversals for binary options and then martingale for the same. I am working on creating a bot for normal fx trading based on trends though. Hopefully , you will find it useful as well.    
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