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@Connection Error on Desktop, no problem on web:  07 Oct 2022, 11:26

Spotware said:

Dear traders,

It would be helpful if you could send us some troubleshooting information when this happens.

Best Regards

cTrader Team

It would be helpful to troubleshoot this issue. I at least, have submitted troubleshooting info yesterday a few times already.

Now trying to install the app again, not even reporting errors go through after I got the last message attached.

Looking forward to your solution asap

@Connection Error on Desktop, no problem on web:  06 Oct 2022, 23:42

This problem started manifesting today for me as well.

I can't login on the desktop app. I tried an older version, but no luck. Web access is fine. I tried reinstalling the app but I can't even download it now. I can see traffic from the app to the internet. I have no firewall rules in place to block the traffic. Someone please investigate this issue. I am not fond of the web app. It does not have the same functionalities

@Not being online for advanced Take Profits:  28 Jul 2022, 22:22

pantheljakob said:

I always have to keep my tablet on to take advanced profits which is really annoying!

I'd love to have the option to preset my trade with advanced take profits and breakeven distance

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