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@cbot and indicator not working on v4.3.12:  08 Oct 2022, 19:39


I have upgraded the ctrader to v4.4.13, and everything works fine. looks like there were some bugs.

Anyways, Thank for the help! Cheers!

@cbot and indicator not working on v4.3.12:  07 Oct 2022, 14:34


I have contact clickalgo, they said the measure tool indicator is from spotware and suggested me to contact you to resolve the problem.

Here is the measure tool indicator i am using:

Measure Tool Indicator | Algorithmic Forex Trading | cTrader Community

It's just working on spotware ctrader v4.3.9, once i upgraded to v4.3.12, it is not doing anything when i call out the tool. The same situation happens on Pepperstone v4.2.22.

Clickalgo has also tried the cbot, they have only have access to spotware ctrader v4.3.11 and the cbot is working fine, they are not sure why i have access to spotware v4.3.12. They have also tried the cbot on Pepperstone v4.2.22, it's working fine for them, but i couldn't.

Clickalgo suggested that it would be my PC or ctrader installation problem if all my cbot and indicator stopped working. I have re-installed the software many times, the same thing happens. Once i re-intalled spotware to ctrader v4.3.9, all the cbot and indicator works again.

The same thing happens to me on my other PC, so i don't think its my PC problem.

Could you suggest any solution for the matter?

I am using sportware ctrader v4.3.12 on windows 11 and pepperstone v4.2.22.

Thank you!

@cbot and indicator not working on v4.3.12:  06 Oct 2022, 21:41

I was using clickalgo cbot and indicator, and it was working fine with v4.3.9, after i shutdown the desktop app and it automatically updated to v4.3.12 and all the bot and indicators stopped working.

Could anyone help me on that?

thank you!

@custom indicator not working and cbot automate window gone blank:  08 Sep 2022, 19:42

This is the indicator i was using.

on my other laptop with ctrader v4.3.9, the custom indicator was working fine. i restarted the ctrader program and it updated to ctrader v4.3.12 automatically, and the indicator is not working, and all the cbot are not working too.

could you clarify if it is the spotware ctrader software update problem?

Thank you

PanagiotisCharalampous said:

Hi jonathanauh,

Can you share the indicator with us?

Best Regards,


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@custom indicator not working and cbot automate window gone blank:  08 Sep 2022, 06:46


My custom indicator suddenly not working and my cbot automate window gone blank and saying "source code is not available"

I have been re-installing ctrader several times but it didn't help. ctrader ver 4.3.12.

Anyone can help me with this?

Thank you!

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